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Moving to another location can be physically and emotionally draining, so we recommend hiring our professional movers. Not only do we let you save energy for other tasks that need your attention when you relocate, but you can also be confident that we'll handle your items delicately once you choose to work with us. From your smallest heirlooms to the largest furniture, our load and unload movers will ensure your items arrive in your new home undamaged.

So, contact us today to hire us or learn more about packing and moving services in Orlando, FL. You can also read our FAQ answers below for more details about our offerings.  

Moving Preparations

How Far in Advance Should I Schedule My Move? 

While we acknowledge that advanced planning is not always possible, we recommend you schedule your move as far in advance as possible. It will be ideal if you contact us no later than one week before your desired moving date.

I Want To Help Do Some Packing and Moving Before the Movers Arrive. What Areas Would Be Most Helpful? 

We suggest you concentrate on packing rather than moving. Our professional staff will handle all the moving tasks so that you can focus on more important aspects of your relocation.

Can I Leave Clothing in My Dresser Drawers? 

You can leave your clothes in your dresser drawers during the move. However, we advise you to remove anything from the drawers that may shift or roll around during transport, as this can cause damage.

Are There Any Items That You Cannot Move?

The only items we do not accommodate in our moving services are hazardous or combustible items, such as:

Propane Tanks 




This is because the temperature in our trucks could cause these items to explode.

What Day/Date Is Best for a Move?

While we recognize that circumstances can arise that are out of our control, we don't recommend booking our moving service for the same day. Additionally, the demand for moving services usually slows down during the middle of the week and month.

What Can I Do To Make Sure My Stuff Ends Up in the Correct Room?

You can put simple labels (i.e., MBR for Master Bedroom) and ensure all your boxes are marked clearly. We recommend labeling your boxes on the top and three sides. Our movers will work closely with you to make sure everything ends up exactly where you want it.

How Can I Prepare My Appliances for the Move?

You should ensure that your washing machine and dryer are empty. Our movers are not trained electricians or plumbers. Therefore, you need to get an appropriate professional to disconnect your washer and dryer from any electric and/or water connection.

Moving Day Preparations

How Will the Movers Know Which Items I Want To Take or Leave Behind? 

When our movers arrive, they will do a walk-through of your current home to confirm the only items you want us to move.

Can the Movers Arrange the Furniture in My New Home According to My Liking? 

Absolutely. Our reliable movers will coordinate with you when we deliver your items to your new home. We ensure all furniture and boxes arrive in the correct rooms and are precisely arranged as you would like.

Can I Keep Moving Expenses Down by Having a Friend or Family Member Help with the Moving Tasks?

On moving day, we recommend you let us handle the job entirely, considering that we offer flat rates for our services.

Can the Movers Dispose of Trash on Moving Day?

No. Unfortunately, we can't handle the trash disposal because we are not adequately equipped for this task.

What if I Haven't Finished Packing by My Scheduled Moving Day?

You must inform us about this possible delay as soon as possible. We can have our packers go to you and help pack the remaining unpacked items. However, please be informed that there will be an additional charge for this service. Otherwise, we would need to change your moving day to allow more time for you to complete your packing.

I Have a Few Prized Possessions I Need To Be Treated with Extra Care. How Can I Guarantee This?

For your peace of mind, you may consider moving your jewelry and other small valuables into your personal vehicle.

Do the Movers Take Time Off for Lunch? Do I Need To Provide Lunch For Them?

Moving is a physical job; our movers need time to eat during the day and usually do so as they drive to your new location. We do not require you to provide lunch for our staff. However, water and/or sports drinks for the movers are always welcome and appreciated.

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